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June 2011

(06/26/2011) SITE NEWS

Did an update on all autograph pages (more than 200) including links to Lostpedia, IMDb and Wikipedia for all persons. Also added Facebook, Twitter and Google +1 social buttons so you can share now your favorite actor. Please make use of it :)

(06/19/2011) SITE NEWS

Not really a site news but in case you missed it: I created a list on Twitter with currently 39 LOST cast and crew persons (the real ones, no fake accounts). Follow the list and you'll see our ex-Losties status updates. Why not also follow me ;) ?

(06/18/2011) AUTOGRAPHS

And again seven signed nice new photos: J.J. Abrams, Blake Bashoff, Christian Bowman, Andrea Gabriel, Evan Handler, Fredric Lane and finally "The Final Season" soundtrack signed by Michael Giacchino.

(06/11/2011) AUTOGRAPHS

Seven autographed photos added: Naveen Andrews, Stephen Bishop, Madeline Carroll, Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, and finally two new persons on this site: Dylan Minnette plays David Shephard and Robin Weigert plays Rachel Carlson.

(06/09/2011) AUTOGRAPHS

Added 4 LOST soundtracks (Season 1-4), booklets signed by the great score composer Michael Giacchino.
Also new a signed photo from Thekla Reuten who plays Elsa.

(06/08/2011) AUTOGRAPHS TTM Comments

SENT: 10/30/2019, RCVD: 06/08/2011, TOOK: 586 days
Thru The Mail autograph success from Lindsay Frost as Sabrina Carlyle

(06/01/2011) REVEALED. Comments

REVEALED. article: Yunjin Kim and the Secret about XOXO

May 2011

(05/31/2011) MEMORABILIA

Added the 2 last missing LOST Relics cards (Dominic Monaghan / Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack sign ).

(05/31/2011) AUTOGRAPHS

Also 5 new autographed trading cards: Nick Tate, Monica Dean variant, Reiko Aylesworth, Greg Grunberg, David H. Lawrence.

(05/25/2011) MEMORABILIA

Rittenhouse LOST Relics Trading Cards are online (Autographs / Relics). I purchased a sealed premium box with 15 packs (3 relics / 1 autograph per pack). Two cards were missing for a master set. I'm pretty sure I'd yield a master set if I'd open the last one of the 15 packs. The reason why I didn't opened it - luckily I picked the box contained the very first LOST Relics pack, numbered 0001/3750! This pack is sealed and will stay sealed forever.

(05/21/2011) AUTOGRAPHS TTM Comments

SENT: 07/28/2010, RCVD: 05/21/2011, TOOK: 297 days
Thru The Mail autograph success from Julie Bowen as Sarah Wagner

(05/17/2011) REVEALED. Comments

REVEALED. article: LOST Revelations Variant Autographed Trading Cards

(05/17/2011) REVEALED. Comments

REVEALED. article: Daniel Roebuck Inkworks LOST Season 1 Variant Autographed Trading Cards

(05/17/2011) REVEALED. Comments

REVEALED. article: Daniel Roebuck Rittenhouse LOST Archives Variant Autographed Trading Cards

(05/17/2011) REVEALED. Comments

REVEALED. article: Sterling Beaumon and the Disney D23 Expo Exclusive Trading Card
New series with short articles pointing out uncommon facts.

(05/05/2011) SITE NEWS

DISQUS Forums installed. Every article can now be commented. Please make plenty use of this feature :)

April 2011

No news recorded for this month

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