Island Map drawn by Danielle Rousseau
Replica Prop

One of the maps drawn by Danielle Rousseau during her 16 years on the Island. All her maps and notes were taken by Sayid Jarrah. The map measures 10 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch.

This is a smaller scaled replica prop of the original map.

Sayid realize that he can arrange the maps to reveal a triangle, pinpointing a location on the Island.
(S1E14 - Special)

Sayid uses this map during his navigation to the Others' decoy village.
(S1E18 - Numbers)

Sayid makes some notations on the west coast.
(S3E02 - The Glass Ballerina)

Danielle Rousseau's full map and notations, seen at the Comic-Con 2009 auction preview.

For comparison: LOST - The Official Show Auction Lot #204
Collection of Rousseau's Maps

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