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September 2012

(09/30/2012) SITE NEWS

Just to fill September with at least one post :)
There will be new LOST Autographs and Memorabilia posted next days - stay tuned!

August 2012

(08/17/2012) SITE NEWS

The News Archive had been updated, all 120 LOST Episodes had been included in order of their original air date. I've also added the navigation panel known from the home page to all News Archive pages. The Site Search page was also optimized.

(08/14/2012) AUTOGRAPHS TTM Comments

SENT: 08/30/2010, RCVD: 08/14/2012, TOOK: 715 days
Thru The Mail autograph success from Bruce Davison as Dr. Douglas Brooks - Thanks for the reply Mr. Davison and welcome on lostified!
Dr. Douglas Brooks appeared in 2 LOST Episodes: S2E18 - Dave and S6E12 - Everybody Loves Hugo. Dr. Douglas Brooks is an Off-Island Character.

July 2012

(07/14/2012) AUTOGRAPHS TTM Comments

SENT: 08/30/2010, RCVD: 07/14/2012, TOOK: 684 days
Thru The Mail autograph success from Marsha Thomason as Naomi Dorrit - Thanks for the reply Ms. Thomason and welcome on lostified!
Naomi Dorrit appeared in 12 LOST Episodes during Seasons 3-5, first in: S3E17 - Catch-22, she is last seen in S5E13 - Some Like It Hoth. Naomi Dorrit is a member of the Kahana Mercenary Team.

(07/13/2012) SITE NEWS

Update on my Twitter @LOST_sigs/lost-cast-crew list. Recently added: Theo Rossi as Sgt. Tony Buccelli, DJ Qualls as Johnny and David Fury (co-executive producer and writer for LOST). Follow your LOST stars! Now 62 Cast & Crew members and no fake accounts.

(07/12/2012) AUTOGRAPHS Comments

Signed photo: Brad William Henke as Bram
Welcome on lostified, Brad William Henke! He appeared in 5 LOST Season 5/6 Episodes, first in S5E09 - Namaste and is last seen in S6E01/02 - LA X as an Ajira 316 Crash Survivor.

(07/11/2012) MEMORABILIA Comments

LOST Film Crew: Original LOST Season 6 Film Crew Men Tank Top
Red LOST Film Crew Men Tank Top from Season 6 with a photo of the main cast standing on a rock. See also other items from LOST Film Crew.

(07/10/2012) MEMORABILIA Comments

Action figure: McFarlane Action Figure Jin
The 6 inch tall Jin is depicted fleeing from the tail-enders after being captured under suspicion of being an Other, and comes with a sound feature. See also other Figures, Games & Collectible Toys.

(07/08/2012) MEMORABILIA Comments

Trading cards: Inkworks LOST Season One - Numbers
6 foil cards with laser-cut numbers - one for each of the LOST numbers "4 8 15 16 23 42", issued by Inkworks. See also other LOST Trading Cards.

(07/04/2012) AUTOGRAPHS Comments

Signed photo: Kimberly Estrada as Sherry
Sherry was involved romantically with Edmund Burke. Kimberly Estrada appeared in one LOST Season 3 Episode: S3E07 - Not in Portland as an Off-Island Character.

(07/03/2012) MEMORABILIA Comments

Replica prop: Photofix of Jack and David Shephard
A replica of the photofix shot in a photo booth of Jack Shephard and his son David Shephard, as seen in S6E05 - Lighthouse. See also other Replica Props.

(07/01/2012) MEMORABILIA Comments

Authentic prop: Original Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 airplane fragments 14, 15, 16
Collected in Hawaii after filming was finished and the beach was cleared. The crash-site is seen in S1E01 - Pilot, Part 1. See also other Authentic Props.

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