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June 2005

(06/20/2005) AUTOGRAPHS TTM Comments

SENT: 04/25/2005, RCVD: 06/20/2005, TOOK: 56 days
Thru The Mail autograph success from Naveen Andrews as Sayid Jarrah

May 2005

(05/25/2005) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S1E24/25 - Exodus, Part 2/3
Final Episode of LOST Season 1

Rousseau leaves the Black Rock, and Arzt explodes while handling the dynamite. They encounter the monster—a cloud of black smoke. Rousseau steals Claire's baby, whom she has named Aaron. Sayid surmises that Rousseau intends to attempt an exchange of Claire's baby, for her own child with the Others. Charlie and Sayid head toward the column of black smoke and along the way, they also encounter the drug smugglers' plane, which Sayid reveals is full of heroin; Charlie takes some. When Sayid and Charlie arrive on the beach with the black smoke, there are no other people, just a pyre and Rousseau and Aaron. She returns Aaron and tells them that she overheard the Others saying that they were going after "the boy". On the raft, the crew encounters a boat. The boat's crew turns out unfriendly and demands that they hand over Walt. Sawyer is shot - but is not killed - and Walt is taken. An explosive is thrown onto the raft, destroying it. Meanwhile, Jack, Kate, Locke, and Hurley blow open the hatch, revealing a very deep dark hole with a broken ladder. The survivors' time in the airport and boarding the plane continues to be shown through flashbacks.

(05/18/2005) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S1E23 - Exodus, Part 1

Rousseau arrives at the beach to warn the survivors that the Others are coming, and tells them more of her own story. She was pregnant when she came to the island sixteen years ago but the Others—their arrival heralded by a column of black smoke—came and kidnapped her baby, who she has not seen since. A column of black smoke is soon seen in the distance. Jack, Locke and Sayid tell Rousseau about the hatch, and their need to open it, perhaps with dynamite. Rousseau offers to take them to the Black Rock to get some dynamite. Jack, Locke, Kate, Hurley, Arzt and Rousseau arrive at the Black Rock, a large slave ship stranded inland. Before Walt goes on the raft, he leaves his dog Vincent in Shannon's care. Meanwhile, Charlie gathers messages to put in a bottle and the raft sets sail. In flashbacks, several of the survivors are shown in the final hours before the flight.

(05/11/2005) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S1E22 - Born to Run

Sayid and Locke show the hatch to Jack, who believes that the hatch needs to be opened. Walt warns Locke not to open the hatch, despite not ever being told about it. Kate seeks a place on the raft, threatening to take Sawyer's spot. After Michael is poisoned, he kicks Sawyer off the raft. Sawyer reveals to everyone that Kate was the fugitive on the plane. Walt confesses to Michael that he was responsible for the fire that destroyed the first raft and, although Michael says they can stay on the island, Walt insists that they have to leave. Jack discovers from Sun that the poison was intended for Jin. In flashbacks, Kate returns to her home town to see her dying mother, and meets up with former boyfriend Tom Brennan. With Tom's help, Kate is able to be alone with her mother, who begins screaming for help upon seeing her. She and Tom try to escape, but Tom is killed and Kate runs.

(05/04/2005) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S1E21 - The Greater Good

Locke arrives at Boone's funeral and is attacked by Jack. Locke asks for Shannon's forgiveness, to no avail; instead, Shannon steals the key to the gun case from a sleeping Jack, and confronts Locke in the jungle. Sayid tackles Shannon just as she fires the gun and the bullet grazes Locke's head. Sayid later tells Locke to take him to the hatch. In flashbacks, Sayid becomes an informant for the Australian Secret Intelligence Service and the CIA, which has asked him to infiltrate a terrorist cell of which his old friend Essam is a member. Sayid agrees to do it in return for Nadia's whereabouts and he betrays Essam, who kills himself.

April 2005

(04/06/2005) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S1E20 - Do No Harm

Boone reveals to Jack that he and Locke have discovered the hatch, and Locke has told him not to tell anybody else. Despite Jack's extensive attempts to save him, Boone dies. Shannon & Sayid have a candlelit dinner. Claire goes into labor and gives birth to a boy. Shannon is devastated over Boone's death. Flashbacks show Jack's wedding to Sarah, a former patient whom he had "fixed" after she was injured in a car accident.

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