Virgin Mary Statue with heroin baggies owned by Mr. Eko
Replica Prop


The Virgin Mary statues were filled with heroin bags to smuggle the narcotics outside of Nigeria. The drug smugglers' plane, a Beechcraft, didn't reached its destination but crashed on the Island.

The shown Virgin Mary statue is an exact replica prop of the show-used one. The prop set even contains two baggies full of heroin, they're originally placed inside the statue, but I didn't want to break it up. Of course, there's NO heroin inside the statue nor in the baggies but substituted with brown sugar, it's a REPLICA PROP :). The statue is of heavy ceramic and stands 12 inch tall.

Boone throws down one of the Virgin Mary statues he finds in the drug smugglers Beechcraft ...

... where it breaks and Locke discovers that the statue is filled with heroin.
(S1E19 - Deus Ex Machina)

Eko gives Charlie a Virgin Mary statue for the one Eko broke.
(S2E10 - The 23rd Psalm)

Charlie decides to throw all Virgin Mary statues into the ocean.
(S2E22 - Three Minutes)

In Nigeria, outside a church, a woman tries to sell statues of the Virgin Mary ...

... to raise money for polio vaccines for the village. It's the village where Eko lives.
(S2E10 - The 23rd Psalm)


For comparison: LOST - The Official Show Auction Lot #203
Four (4) Virgin Mary statues

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