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Episode count: 12
Dustin Watchman
... as ...
Scott Jackson
Oceanic 815 Crash Survivor
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REVEALED. Dustin Watchman LOST Revelations Variant Autographed Trading Cards

Dustin Watchman is the only one Inkworks LOST Trading Card signer who sequentielly numbered his signed cards. Not only that, he also split his cards into 4 series which are signed with different color sharpies and all start with 1/xxx except the blue sharpie edition which is numbered xxR (x=number, R=unknown, maybe rare :) ?). I've seen blue numbers up to 60.

  • Black sharpie signature xxx/500
  • Silver sharpie signature xxx/300
  • Golden sparpie signature xxx/100
  • Blue sharpie signature xxR
As you can guess the first listed are the most common, the blue signatures are rarities.
Mr. Watchman also noted a number code on the first card of every series "0 111 2 88 9". Another secret to reveal?

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Christian Bowman
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Steve Jenkins, Oceanic 815 crash survivor

Harold Perrineau Jr.
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Michael Dawson, Oceanic 815 crash survivor

Jorge Garcia
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Hurley Reyes, Oceanic 815 crash survivor

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