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2004 Q4
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December 2004

(12/08/2004) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S1E11 - All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

After Claire and Charlie are kidnapped by Ethan, two parties of Jack and Kate, and Locke and Boone go looking for them. Jack encounters Ethan, who warns that one of the hostages will be killed if Jack continues pursuit. Jack and Kate find Charlie, blindfolded and hanging by his neck from a tree branch. Jack furiously performs CPR and Charlie comes back to life. Meanwhile, Boone and Locke discover a piece of metal embedded in the forest's ground. In flashbacks, Jack confesses to his superiors that his father had been under the influence of alcohol while operating.

(12/01/2004) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S1E10 - Raised by Another

A badly wounded Sayid returns to camp and tells the others about Rousseau and that there are other people on the island. Claire wakes up screaming two nights in a row and insists that someone held her down and stabbed her stomach. This attack persuades Hurley to take a census of the survivors using the flight manifest, and he discovers that Ethan was not on the plane. In flashbacks, Claire finds out she is pregnant and her boyfriend leaves her. She goes to see a psychic, who says that great danger surrounds her baby and that it must not be raised by anyone except her.

November 2004

(11/27/2004) AUTOGRAPHS TTM Comments

SENT: 09/01/2004, RCVD: 11/27/2004, TOOK: 87 days
Thru The Mail autograph success from Terry O'Quinn as Johnathan "John" Locke

(11/17/2004) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S1E09 - Solitary

Sayid finds a cable running out of the ocean and into the jungle. While following it, he is caught in a trap and captured by Rousseau, the woman who sent out the distress signal. Rousseau tells Sayid she was part of a science team, and that they crashed on the island sixteen years ago. She identifies a group of island inhabitants she calls the "Others" as the carriers of a sickness that her companions caught, and says that the Others whisper in the jungle. Sayid escapes and while trying to find his way back to camp, Sayid hears the whispering she told him about. In flashbacks, Sayid is tasked with torturing a prisoner named Nadia, who was a childhood friend. Sayid's superior tells him to execute Nadia, but instead he helps her escape.

(11/10/2004) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S1E08 - Confidence Man

Sawyer is suspected of having Shannon's inhaler when she has an asthma attack. Sayid tortures Sawyer, who reveals to Kate that he does not have them. Kate reads a letter that Sawyer always carries around, which reveals that "Sawyer" is an alias. When Sawyer was a child, a man known as Sawyer conned and slept with his mother, who was killed by young Sawyer's father in a murder-suicide. Young Sawyer vowed, in the letter, to give the letter to the original Sawyer before exacting revenge. Later, he became a con-man himself and took the name of the original Sawyer. In flashbacks, Sawyer tries to con a husband and wife, but gives up when he discovers that they have a son. Sayid sets off to explore the island's shoreline in self-imposed isolation, needing time to come to terms with his actions in torturing Sawyer.

(11/03/2004) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S1E07 - The Moth

Charlie is suffering from withdrawal and asks Locke for his heroin, and Locke says that he will return the drugs the third time Charlie asks. Charlie risks his life to rescue Jack after he is trapped in a cave-in. Flashbacks show Charlie and his brother Liam leading their band Drive Shaft and, eventually, Liam getting Charlie hooked on heroin. Years later, Charlie visits Liam's house in Australia and wants him to rejoin Drive Shaft for their comeback tour but a clean Liam refuses. Charlie eventually asks Locke for his heroin for the third time, but only in order to destroy it.

October 2004

(10/27/2004) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S1E06 - House of the Rising Sun

Some of the survivors move to the caves, while some stay at the beach. Locke exchanges Charlie's heroin for Charlie's guitar. Jin attacks Michael because he has Jin's father-in-law's watch; however, only Jin's wife Sun knows this because they do not speak English. Jin is handcuffed to the wreckage. Sun reveals to Michael that she can speak English and explains why Jin attacked Michael, after which Michael frees Jin. Flashbacks show that Jin had to take a job working for Sun's father for her hand in marriage. One night, after they are married, Jin returns home covered in someone else's blood. Sun secretly plots to leave Jin (hence the secret English lessons); however, she changes her mind in the end.

(10/20/2004) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S1E05 - White Rabbit

Boone steals the decreasing water supply in a misguided attempt to help everyone, but the survivors turn on him. A sleep-deprived Jack chases after what appears to be his deceased father in the forests and eventually discovers caves with fresh water. Jack comes to terms with his role as leader. In flashbacks, Jack goes to Australia to retrieve his deceased father.

(10/13/2004) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S1E04 - Walkabout

The fuselage, filled with decomposing bodies, is burned after it is raided by a group of wild boars. Locke successfully goes hunting for boar. Locke encounters the monster, but does not tell anyone about this. In flashbacks, it is revealed that he was in a wheelchair before the plane crash and healed after the crash.

(10/06/2004) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S1E03 - Tabula Rasa

Jack learns about Kate's past as a fugitive. The signal party returns, but decides not to tell the others about the transmission. Sawyer shoots the dying marshal, thinking to relieve him of his misery. However, this only punctures his lung, so Jack - who had earlier rejected euthanasia as murder - finishes him off. Flashbacks show Kate's life on an Australian farm, until she is captured by the marshal.

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