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March 2008

(03/20/2008) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S4E08 - Meet Kevin Johnson

Sayid and Desmond confront Ben's spy on the freighter: Michael. Flashbacks show how Michael got from New York to the freighter, including his suicide attempts and deal with the Others. Ben sends Alex, accompanied by Karl and Danielle, to a Temple on the island where they will supposedly be safe, but they are attacked on the way, and Karl and Danielle are killed.

(03/13/2008) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S4E07 - Ji Yeon

When Jin and Sun decide to join Locke's group, Juliet informs Jin of Sun's affair. On the freighter, Desmond and Sayid meet Gault, who offers more details on the fake wreckage of 815 previously mentioned by Naomi. Flashbacks show Jin on a maternal mission, while flashforwards show Sun—another member of the Oceanic Six—giving birth.

(03/06/2008) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S4E06 - The Other Woman

Juliet and Jack pursue Daniel and Charlotte, after they leave without notice for the Dharma electrical station, where they render a deadly gas inert. Meanwhile, Ben, who is being held captive by Locke, tells Locke about Widmore. Flashbacks show Juliet's relationships with Ben, her lover Goodwin and his wife Harper.

February 2008

(02/28/2008) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S4E05 - The Constant

Upon arriving on the freighter, Desmond gains his 1996 consciousness and time travels between 2004 and 1996. In 1996, he finds Daniel, who explains to him that he needs to find something or someone familiar in both times to stop his life-threatening time traveling. In 1996, he locates Penny; in 2004, he contacts Penny.

(02/21/2008) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S4E04 - Eggtown

Kate goes on a quest to get information from Miles, which leads to her banishment from Locke's group. In flashforwards, Kate is raising Claire's son Aaron and goes on trial for her numerous past crimes.

(02/14/2008) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S4E03 - The Economist

Locke's group settles into the Barracks. Sayid makes a deal with Frank to leave the island, in exchange for freeing Charlotte. Sayid holds up his end of the deal; however, he obtains Charlotte by trading her for Miles. Frank, Sayid and Desmond leave the island for the freighter by helicopter. In flashforwards, Oceanic Six member Sayid works as an assassin for Ben.

(02/07/2008) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S4E02 - Confirmed Dead

A science team from the freighter flown via helicopter by pilot Frank arrives on the island. A single flashback for each of the freighter crew members introduces their backstories. The episode's final flashback focuses on the late Naomi, who meets with Abaddon to discuss the science team and pilot. The team consists of Daniel, a physicist; Miles, a medium; and Charlotte, an anthropologist.

January 2008

(01/31/2008) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S4E01 - The Beginning of the End
First Episode of LOST Season 4

Upon learning that Penny did not send the freighter, the survivors of 815 split into two groups led by Jack and Locke. Meanwhile, Hurley and Claire struggle with the news of Charlie's death. In flashforwards, Hurley is revealed to be one of the "Oceanic Six"—a group of six survivors, including Jack and Kate, of the crash of 815 who have escaped the island.

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