Ancient Dagger
used by Man in Black, Richard and Sayid
Replica Prop


The Ancient Dagger has been used to attempt to kill Mother, Jacob and the Man in Black, but only proved to be successful in the killing of Mother. This dagger may have special properties, since two characters have specifically presented it as the weapon that must be used, as well as other stipulations.

Mine is an exact replica of the show-used. Made of nickel and 440 stainless steel, weights approximately 1 pound, 10 ounces, length with scabbard is 15,7 inch, length of dagger is 15,2 inch, blade is 9,4 inch long.
The handle and the entire scabbard are engraved with many intricuate etchings of the she-wolf, Romulus, Remus, the lion, eagle, and other Roman depictions (the dagger was said to have arrived on the LOST island when Claudia arrived on the island long ago). It is a Roman Pugio dagger.

The Man in Black instructs Richard on how to kill the Devil.
(S6E09 - Ab Aeterno)

Richard walks toward the base of the statue. As he approaches with knife drawn, Jacob attacks Richard, and after a fight disarms him.
(S6E09 - Ab Aeterno)

Dogen presents the dagger to Sayid.
(S6E06 - Sundown)

Sayid with the ancient dagger.
(S6E06 - Sundown)

For comparison: LOST - The Official Show Auction Lot #1046
Man in Black's Ancient Dagger

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