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June 2006

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May 2006

(05/24/2006) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S2E23/24 - Live Together, Die Alone
Final Episode of LOST Season 2

In flashbacks, Desmond is shipwrecked on the island and subsequently lives in the hatch with a man named Kelvin, whom he later accidentally kills. Meanwhile, Michael leads Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley to the Others. Henry, the apparent leader of the Others, releases Hurley, takes Jack, Kate, and Sawyer as prisoners, and allows Michael and Walt to leave the island on a boat. Desmond returns and realizes that he caused the crash of Flight 815 when he entered the numbers into the computer too late. Locke stops entering the numbers and traps himself, Mr. Eko, Charlie and Desmond inside the hatch, which implodes. In the epilogue, scientists working for Penelope Widmore locate the island.

(05/17/2006) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S2E22 - Three Minutes

Michael convinces Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley to help him rescue Walt. At the double funeral for Ana Lucia and Libby, Sayid tells Jack of his suspicion that Michael has been compromised by the Others. Flashbacks reveal Michael's time being held captive by the Others, during which he made a deal to first release Henry, and then trade Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley for Walt. Sun spots a sailboat floating towards the beach.

(05/10/2006) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S2E21 - ?

Mr. Eko and Locke find another Dharma station, which is monitoring the other stations via video surveillance. Meanwhile, Jack and the other survivors struggle with the deaths of the shooting victims in the hatch whilst trying to save Libby's life. In flashbacks, Eko investigates a miracle as a priest in Australia.

(05/03/2006) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S2E20 - Two for the Road

Michael returns with news that the Others are virtually defenseless. Ana Lucia tries to get Henry to tell the truth. Hurley takes Libby on a surprise date. In the hatch, Michael shoots and kills Ana Lucia, seriously injures Libby and releases Henry. In flashbacks, Ana Lucia works as a bodyguard for Jack's father in Australia.

April 2006

(04/12/2006) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S2E19 - S.O.S.

Bernard attempts to create an S.O.S. signal, but stops when Rose tells him that she wants to stay on the island because she thinks it has cured her cancer. Romantic sparks are rekindled between Jack and Kate. Locke continues to lose faith in the island. In flashbacks, Rose and Bernard have their honeymoon in Australia. Michael reappears from the jungle when Jack and Kate try to trade Henry to the Others in exchange for Walt.

(04/05/2006) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S2E18 - Dave

Hurley chases after his old imaginary friend "Dave" in the jungle, and his relationship with Libby develops. Locke questions his commitment to the hatch, after Henry claims to have never entered the numbers. Hurley remembers his time at a mental institution. It is revealed via flashback that Libby was a patient at the mental institution as well.

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