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September 2013

(09/24/2013) AUTOGRAPHS Comments

Signed index card: Dustin Watchman as Scott Jackson
He was a middle section survivor of Oceanic Flight 815. Scott Jackson appeared in twelve LOST Season 1 & 3 Episodes.
Supporting & Guest StarsOceanic 815 Crash SurvivorsS1E07S3E14

(09/20/2013) AUTOGRAPHS Comments

Signed photo: Zack Ward as Marc Silverman
He was Jack's best friend since childhood, and Jack's best man at Jack's wedding to Sarah. Marc Silverman appeared in S1E20 - Do No Harm.
Supporting & Guest StarsOff-Island CharactersS1E20

(09/19/2013) AUTOGRAPHS Comments

Signed photo: Wendy Pearson as Kim Kondracki
She was an ER doctor at the Marina Medical Center Long Beach who helped a wounded Desmond after he was shot by Ben. Kim Kondracki appeared in two LOST Season 5 & 6 Episodes.
Supporting & Guest StarsOff-Island CharactersS5E14S6E16

(09/18/2013) AUTOGRAPHS Comments

Signed photo: Tom Irwin as Dan Norton
He was an attorney working for the Agostini & Norton law firm, and Benjamin Linus's lawyer. Dan Norton appeared in two LOST Season 5 Episodes.
Supporting & Guest StarsOff-Island CharactersS5E01S5E04

(09/17/2013) AUTOGRAPHS Comments

Signed photo: Faran Tahir as Ishmael Bakir
He apparently worked for Charles Widmore and had been responsible for Nadia's death. Ishmael Bakir appeared in S4E09 - The Shape of Things to Come.
Supporting & Guest StarsOff-Island CharactersS4E09

(09/16/2013) AUTOGRAPHS Comments

Signed photo: Shishir Kurup as Donovan
He was a physicist in London and urged Desmond to instead concentrate on the true inportant things in Desmond's life. Donovan appeared in S3E08 - Flashes Before Your Eyes.
Supporting & Guest StarsOff-Island CharactersS3E08

(09/15/2013) SITE NEWS

Update on my Twitter @LOST_sigs/lost-cast-crew list.
Recently added: Malcolm David Kelley as Walter "Walt" Lloyd, Jordan Rosenberg, one of the writers and Mark Pellegrino as Jacob. Follow your LOST stars! Now 79 Cast & Crew members and no fake accounts.

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