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Episode count: 9
Daniel Roebuck
... as ...
Dr. Leslie Arzt
Oceanic 815 Crash Survivor
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REVEALED. Daniel Roebuck Inkworks LOST Season 1 Variant Autographed Trading Cards

Daniel Roebuck couldn't resist to insert a chase card set of 9 special autographed trading cards featuring some LOST show related handwritten notes.

  • Dy-no-mite!
  • Arzt go Boom!
  • Dr. Arzt
  • Kaboom!
  • Arzt not Arnst!
  • You got a piece of me on ya!
  • You don't know anything about Dynamite!
  • Don't play with Explosives!
  • The last card signed!
Each chase card is unique and an absolute rarity. Unfortunately I wasn't able to acquire one of them.

REVEALED. Daniel Roebuck Rittenhouse LOST Archives Variant Autographed Trading Cards

Once again Daniel Roebuck created a chase card set of this time 10 special autographed trading cards featuring handwritten dialogues from Dr. Arzt.
750 cards including the 10 chase cards were signed by Mr. Roebuck, that's a chance of 1:74 to unwrap a chase instead of a "only signed" card.

  • "Monsoon season is bad."
  • "What, am I Boring you?"
  • "I don't have time to Play Twenty Questions"
  • "Nitroglycerin is the most unstable Substance known to man"
  • "I want a good Spot."
  • "Nitroglycerin is Extremely Temperamental."
  • "That's Arzt, you idiot!"
  • "So unless you want to Blow up, I'm coming with you."
  • "The Pigs are Walking!"
  • "That was before Montand lost his friggin arm!"
Unnecessary to say you can feel very lucky if you could manage to get hold of one of these very rare unique chase cards.
I didn't had that luck.

Don't forget about ...

Kiele Sanchez
... as ...
Nikki Fernandez, Oceanic 815 crash survivor

Harold Perrineau Jr.
... as ...
Michael Dawson, Oceanic 815 crash survivor

Mira Furlan
... as ...
Danielle Rousseau, French science expedition

Jorge Garcia
... as ...
Hurley Reyes, Oceanic 815 crash survivor

Evangeline Lilly
... as ...
Kate Austen, Oceanic 815 crash survivor

Michael Emerson
... as ...
Benjamin Linus

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