Dharma Intiative Station 3 "The Swan" Blueprints
General Floor Plans and Orientation Package
By New Paradigm Studios

A set of 8 "blueprint" sheets set up as a information package for new recruits of the Dharma Initiative Station 3 "The Swan". The set contains floor plans of the main and sub level of "The Hatch", information about Swan Station procedures, the EM anomaly, the incident, the Island itself and more. Each sheet measures 17 x 11 inch and is drawn by New Paradigm Studios.
Dharma Initiative
Station 3 - The Swan

Replica Prop

Sheet 002 - Information about The Hatch and Dharma Initiative procedures for those manning the Swan Station.

Sheet 003 - Detailed floorplan for the main level of the Swan Station

Sheet 004 - Detailed floorpaln of the sub-level of the Swan Station with all of the pipes, conduits, and other mechanicals located under the station.

Sheet 005 - Details regarding the EM anomaly and information on "The Incident"

Sheet 006 - Information about The Island itself including detailed descriptions about the Island's topographic, flora, fauna and even the Island's location

Sheet 007 - Shows about 30 of the various Dharma Initiative patches.

Sheet 008 - Bonus page

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