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March 2007

(03/28/2007) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S3E14 - Exposť

Charlie tells Sun that he and Sawyer were behind her kidnapping attempt in the jungle. The survivors investigate the apparent deaths of Nikki and Paulo. Flashbacks feature past characters such as Shannon & Boone, and they show that Nikki and Paulo arguing over diamonds that they conned from a millionaire television executive. On the island, Nikki releases venomous spiders upon Paulo, but they are both bitten and stuck in an eight-hour paralysis. The survivors do not figure out that Nikki and Paulo are not dead, only paralyzed, and they accidentally bury them alive.

(03/21/2007) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S3E13 - The Man from Tallahassee

Locke, Sayid, and Kate encounter the Others' homes for the first time and find Jack relatively happy amongst them. Jack and Juliet, whose relationship has advanced, have cut a deal with Ben to leave the island on the Others' submarine, but Locke blows it up. Ben reveals that he has Locke's father in captivity. In flashbacks, Locke's father pushes him out of a window, which paralyzes Locke.

(03/14/2007) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S3E12 - Par Avion

Claire learns about Desmond's prophecy. She later ties a rescue message to a bird and releases it. Locke, Sayid, Kate and Danielle approach a sonic barrier fence protecting the home of the Others during their mission to rescue Jack. Locke shoves Mikhail, an Other who they have captured as a hostage, into the fence and he dies. Locke, Sayid, and Kate climb over the fence without any problem. It is revealed in flashbacks that Claire shares her father with Jack. Claire meets her father for the first time after her mother goes into a vegetative state, as the result of a car accident with Claire.

(03/07/2007) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S3E11 - Enter 77

Locke, Sayid and Kate investigate a Dharma communications station in the jungle and meet its inhabitant, Mikhail. As they are leaving the station, Locke blows it up. Sawyer competes in a ping-pong competition against Hurley to get back his belongings, but loses and has to go without calling people nicknames for a week. In flashbacks, Sayid meets one of his former torture victims in Paris.

February 2007

(02/28/2007) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S3E10 - Tricia Tanaka Is Dead

Kate and Sawyer return to the beach. Hurley finds an old, abandoned van in the jungle and drives it with Charlie, Sawyer and Jin. Kate, Sayid, and Locke venture off to rescue Jack. Flashbacks show Hurley's father returning home, after Hurley won the lottery.

(02/21/2007) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S3E09 - Stranger in a Strange Land

Juliet is put on trial for killing Pickett. With Jack and Ben's help, Juliet does not receive the death penalty. The Others and Jack begin their journey to the Others' homes, which are located on a different island. Flashbacks show Jack getting his tattoos during a strange vacation in Thailand.

(02/14/2007) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S3E08 - Flashes Before Your Eyes

Charlie and Hurley attempt to get Desmond drunk so he will explain to them how he is able to see the future. An extended flashback reveals what happened to Desmond after the implosion of the hatch. Desmond relives a day of his life with Penny before coming to the island. He finds himself on the island again with the ability to see flashes of the future, most notably Charlie's approaching death.

(02/07/2007) ORIGINAL AIR DATE Comments
LOST - S3E07 - Not in Portland

The teenage "Other" Alex supplies Kate and Sawyer with a canoe to return to their island, but first she convinces them to help her rescue her boyfriend Karl from a room where he is being brainwashed by being forced to watch a video. Juliet kills Pickett, who is in pursuit of Kate and Sawyer. Jack finishes Ben's surgery. Flashbacks reveal that over three years prior to the crash, Juliet is a fertility doctor, and is able to make her sister fertile. Juliet is interviewed by Mittelos Bioscience.

(02/03/2007) AUTOGRAPHS TTM Comments

SENT: 10/09/2006, RCVD: 02/03/2007, TOOK: 117 days
Thru The Mail autograph success from Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond David Hume

January 2007

(01/27/2007) AUTOGRAPHS TTM Comments

SENT: 10/09/2006, RCVD: 01/27/2007, TOOK: 110 days
Thru The Mail autograph success from L. Scott Caldwell as Rose Nadler

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