LOST Season 6
S6E01/02 - LA X
S6E03 - What Kate Does
S6E04 - The Substitute
S6E05 - Lighthouse
S6E06 - Sundown
S6E07 - Dr. Linus
S6E08 - Recon
S6E09 - Ab Aeterno
S6E10 - The Package
S6E11 - Happily Ever After
S6E12 - Everybody Loves Hugo
S6E13 - The Last Recruit
S6E14 - The Candidate
S6E15 - Across the Sea
S6E16 - What They Died For
S6E17 - The End
Epilogue - The New Man in Charge

Previously on LOST
S6E17 - The End
The New Man in Charge

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Nothing - This is the End
Directed by Written by Original air date
Paul Edwards Melinda Hsu Taylor & Graham Roland & Jim Galasso August 24, 2010

Main Cast

Michael Emerson
... as ...
Benjamin "Ben" Linus

Jorge Garcia
... as ...
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Malcolm David Kelley
... as ...
Walter "Walt" Lloyd

Supporting & Guest Stars

Francois Chau
... as ...
Dr. Pierre Chang

Centric character is highlited

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