LOST Season 5: Destiny Calls
S5E01 - Because You Left
S5E02 - The Lie
S5E03 - Jughead
S5E04 - The Little Prince
S5E05 - This Place Is Death
S5E06 - 316
S5E07 - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
S5E08 - LaFleur
S5E09 - Namaste
S5E10 - He's Our You
S5E11 - Whatever Happened, Happened
S5E12 - Dead Is Dead
S5E13 - Some Like It Hoth
S5E14 - The Variable
S5E15 - Follow the Leader
S5E16/17 - The Incident

Previously on LOST
S5E06 - 316
S5E07 (#93)
The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Next on LOST
S5E08 - LaFleur
Directed by Written by Original air date
Jack Bender Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof February 25, 2009

Locke, who is suddenly alive following the crash of Flight 316 on the island, is questioned by the other survivors and finds Ben among the injured. In flashback, Locke's off-island mission to reunite the Oceanic Six and return them to the island is aided by Charles Widmore and Matthew Abaddon before Ben murders Locke.
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Main Cast

Naveen Andrews
... as ...
Sayid Jarrah

Michael Emerson
... as ...
Benjamin "Ben" Linus

Matthew Fox
... as ...
Dr. Jack Shephard

Jorge Garcia
... as ...
Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Malcolm David Kelley
... as ...
Walter "Walt" Lloyd

Evangeline Lilly
... as ...
Katherine Anne "Kate" Austen

Terry O'Quinn
... as ...
Johnathan "John" Locke

Supporting & Guest Stars

Alan Dale
... as ...
Charles Widmore

Lance Reddick
... as ...
Matthew Abaddon

Zuleikha Robinson
... as ...
Ilana Verdansky

Said Taghmaoui
... as ...

John Terry
... as ...
Dr. Christian Shephard

Centric character is highlited

Associated Memorabilia

Canadian Passport owned by John Locke aka Jeremy Bentham

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