Spinning Wheel
Jacob used one - I own one
An antique - more than 100 years old one

Jacob wove a tapestry of thread he spun himself in his chamber in the pedestal of the statue of Taweret during his many years on the Island.
I'm sorry, this is not the original spinning wheel used in LOST. It doesn't even has the same shape as the original. But it is an antique, real used spinning wheel and I'm proud to say that this one is a very special item that found the right way into my LOST collection. Also I'm in the opinion that mine even looks better and more ancient than the screen-used one ;).

Rob Kyker, the propmaster of LOST borrowed the screen-used spinning wheel from the University of Hawaii as he told in the Official Video Podcast.

Jacob sitting in his chamber in the pedestal of the statue of Taweret spinning thread for his tapestry on a spinning wheel.
(S5E16/17 - The Incident)

Jacob is looming on his tapestry. In the foreground the spinning wheel.
(S5E16/17 - The Incident)

Benjamin Linus discovers Jacob's tapestry.
(S5E16/17 - The Incident)

LOST Propmaster Rob Kyker presents some of the props used in LOST, here the spinning wheel (Official Video Podcast).

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