Action Figure Jack
released by McFarlane
Official Merchandise

McFarlane Toys released the Jack Shephard figure in November 2006 as part of the LOST Series 1.
The figure stands 8 1/2 inch tall on a base detailed with crash debris and includes a photographic backdrop of plane wreckage. His pose is stumbling through wreckage, as seen in S1E01 - Pilot, Part 1.

It comes with a full-size prop replica of Kate's mugshot.

Jack's sound feature includes:

  • "If we can't live together, we're going to die alone."
  • "Everybody wants me to be a leader, until I make a decision that they don't like."
  • "There's something that you need to know... We're going to have a Locke problem, and I have to know that you've got my back."

Jack stumbles towards the smoking crash site where survivors move about in disarray.

(S1E01 - Pilot, Part 1)

Kate's mugshot was discovered by Jack.

(S1E03 - Tabula Rasa)

Kate's mugshot full-size prop replica

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Kate's U.S. passport and police mug shot printout


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