Leather Journal used by Daniel Faraday
Handcrafted genuine leather, handmade in Florence, Italy
Replica Prop

Daniel Faraday's journal is a journal with an embossed leather cover. It was given to Daniel by his mother Eloise Hawking after he attained his doctorate. It contains a collection of notes kept by Daniel Faraday since his time as a professor at Oxford University's Queen's College Physics Department.

My journal is an exact replica, or is the show-used a replica of mine? :) However it seems that both were handcrafted from the same manufacturer. The wrap label shows: Handcrafted genuine leather - Handmade in Florence, Italy, using centuries old techniques.
Unfortunately the journal I have purchased is empty - nothing written in it, I have no constant!

Daniel Faraday is reading in his journal he got as wrapped gift from his mother, Eloise Hawking.

Page from the journal shown.
(S4E05 - The Constant)

Daniel's journal contains notes on hydrogen bombs.
(S5E16/17 - The Incident)

Photo from Daniel's journal from the Official LOST Auction.

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