LOST Cast & Creators at 2010 Paleyfest DVD
Presented by The Paley Center for Media


LOST documentary DVD

Coming to you full and uncut, the insights, antics, and anecdotes from PALEYFEST. A must-see for the true fan.

PALEYFEST is one of the Paley Center for Media's hottest annual events, connecting fans with the casts and creators of their favorite series as well as the icons who have changed or are changing the face of media.

LOST Cast & Creators at 2010 PALEYFEST onstage:
Paul Scheer, Moderator, Jack Bender, Director / Executive Producer, Nestor Carbonell, "Richard Alpert", Carlton Cuse, Executive Producer, Michael Emerson, "Ben Linus", Adam Horowitz, Executive Producer, Edward Kitsis, Executive Producer, Damon Lindelof, Executive Producer, Terry O'Quinn, "John Locke", Zuleikha Robinson, "Ilana", Elizabeth Sarnoff, Executive Producer.

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