Dharma Initiative RX-1 GND Vial from The Staff Station
Screen-used in Episode 2x15
Authentic Prop


Authentic, screen-used prop from the LOST show.

One of the major rooms in the Dharma Staff Station is used as an operating theater. Among the equipment visible inside this room is a freezer storage-type unit, containing a large quantity of vials, one of them is shown here. For an used look, the empty vial was slightly distressed by the LOST prop team.
The vial is labeled with the codes "CR 4-81516-23 42", "RX-1 GND" and a Dharma Staff Station logo.
As seen in S2E15 - Maternity Leave.
I purchased this prop along with some more items from a LOST Film Crew member.

In the operation theater room, inside the Dharma Staff Station, ...

... Dr. Ethan Rom opens the freezer storage-type unit, ...

... where a large amount of vials is seen.

Ethan prepares to inject Claire ...

... with an unknown vaccine.

(S2E15 - Maternity Leave)



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