Dharma Initiative DHARMA O'S from the Cafeteria
Screen-used in Episode 5x10
Authentic Prop

Authentic, screen-used prop from the LOST show.

The Dharma cafeteria with adjacent kitchen is located in a large building, in the southern cluster of the barracks.
The Dharma Initiative DHARMA O'S cereal box is seen among others in the background in a scene in 1977, where Kate, Hurley and Jack are sitting together inside the cafeteria. As seen in S5E10 - He's Our You.
The box is sealed and even contains some kind of filling material, the size is 2.8 x 1.8 x 4.7 inches.

I purchased this prop along with some more items from a LOST Film Crew member.

Kate, Hurley and Jack talk in the cafeteria.



The Dharma O'S are seen ...

... on a tablet in the background.

(S5E10 - He's Our You)



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