Apollo Candy Bar
Official Merchandise
from "The LOST Experience" Alternate Reality Game (ARG) 2006 - 2007

During "The LOST Experience" Alternate Reality Game (ARG) 2006 - 2007, real Apollo Bars were manufactured, advertised and distributed amongst Lost fans worldwide at specified locations at specific times, tying into the overall arc of the game.
All APOLLO Candy Bars are marked "Enjoy by Oct 23-06" but they still smell good.
I could save some bars for my collection and resist to eat them ;).

The Apollo Bar is one of the many foods that were first found in the pantry within the Swan station by Kate.
(S2E02 - Adrift)
By the way, a great screenshot ;).

Annie greets young Ben Linus on the Island. Annie introduces herself and gives Ben an Apollo Bar, telling him that they could have "as many as they want".
(S3E20 - The Man Behind the Curtain)

Jack's Apollo Bar gets stuck in the vending machine.
(S5E16/17 - The Incident)

Jacob dislodges and returns Jack's Apollo Bar.
(S5E16/17 - The Incident)

Comparing both the screen-used and the ARG ones show major differences. However, the give-aways were part of the official LOST merchandise.

Show-used Apollo Candy Bar
- Packed in a wrapper
- Full o' nuts - Golden Caramel
- net wt 1.76 oz / 49.9g

Give-away Apollo Candy Bar
- Packed in golden metal foil and paper wrapped
- Dark Chocolate (in fact milk chocolate)
- net wt 1.20 oz / 34g

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